Optimize Your Clients’ Super Fund Investments with Professional Property Valuations

As an accountant, you understand the significance of financial accuracy. When it comes to Self-Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSFs), ensuring precise property valuations is not just advisable; it’s a regulatory requirement. At IPV, we are here to support accountants in providing top-tier property valuation services tailored for SMSFs.

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Why Do You Need Super Fund Assessments?

As an accountant, you are a trusted advisor for your clients’ financial well-being. Therefore, Super Fund Assessments are vital. Here is why:
  • Accurate property valuations are fundamental to maintaining SMSF compliance and adhering to the Australian Taxation Office’s (ATO) strict regulations.
  • Providing reliable property valuations empowers your clients to make informed investment decisions within their SMSFs, whether they are buying, selling, or holding assets.
  • Precise valuations assist in understanding the risks associated with SMSF property investments and in developing risk mitigation strategies.
  • Accurate valuations are critical for tax planning, helping clients to manage their tax liabilities effectively and maximize their tax benefits.
  • When you deliver comprehensive SMSF assessments, it establishes trust and confidence in your accounting services.

Our Super Fund Assessment Services for Accountants

We provide specialised property valuation services tailored for accountants handling SMSFs. Our services include:
  • Residential property valuation: Expert valuations for residential properties within SMSFs, including houses, apartments, and investment properties.
  • Commercial property valuation: Precise assessments of commercial properties, such as offices, retail spaces, and industrial assets held within SMSFs.
  • Agricultural and rural valuation: Valuations for agricultural and rural properties that account for their unique characteristics.

How To Get a Super Fund Assessment in just four Easy Steps


In your free consultation we discuss your clients’ SMSF property valuation needs. We offer personalised solutions to meet their specific requirements.


Our experienced valuers conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your clients’ SMSF property assets, considering all relevant factors.


We deliver a comprehensive valuation report with comparable evidence, market values, and expert recommendations for your clients’ SMSF investments.


With our valuation reports, your clients can rest assured that their SMSFs comply with ATO regulations, and their investments are financially secure.

Enhance your clients’ SMSF investments with precise property valuations.

Reach out to our experienced team today to schedule Super fund assessments that will fortify your clients’ financial future.