Unit Entitlement Assessments with Expert Property Valuation

At IPV we understand the importance of equitable unit entitlements. It is a critical element in shared property ownership and strata developments. Our team of experienced valuers specialise in providing accurate and reliable property valuations for unit entitlements. Whether you are an owner, investor, or strata management professional, we are here to ensure that your property’s value is correctly assessed.

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When Do You Need Unit Entitlement Valuation?

Unit entitlements determine the proportional ownership rights and liabilities of each unit or lot within a strata or community title development. It is essential to have a precise valuation for unit entitlements for several reasons:
  • Equity and fairness. Accurate valuations ensure that each owner’s financial contributions and voting power align with their unit’s true market value.
  • Legal compliance. In many jurisdictions, strata or community title legislation requires unit entitlements to be based on fair market valuations.
  • Dispute resolution. In the event of disputes or disagreements, having a valid unit entitlement valuation is essential to resolving conflicts.

Our Unit Entitlement Valuation Services

At IPV we offer a comprehensive range of services for Unit Entitlement Valuations:
  • Strata apartment valuations: We ensure that unit entitlements in newly constructed and
    existing strata apartment buildings accurately reflect market values, providing owners with a
    fair share of the property’s worth.
  • Multi-unit developments: Our experts assess the unit entitlements for developments of all sizes, from small complexes to large multi-unit project under both Strata and Community Title developments.
  • Mixed-use properties: Whether it’s residential, commercial, or a combination of both, we provide valuations that cover the entire range of unit entitlement scenarios.

What is our Unit Entitlement Valuation Process?


Get in touch with us to discuss your unit entitlement valuation requirements. We will tailor
our services to your unique needs.


Our experienced valuers will conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your property,
factoring in all relevant considerations.


You will receive a detailed unit entitlement valuation report, complete with our
assessments, recommendations, and fair market values.


With our valuation in hand, you can ensure that the ownership and financial obligations
within your property development are equitable and legally compliant.

Contact us today to schedule your Unit entitlement valuation, we make sure that your unit entitlements accurately represent your property’s worth.