Property litigation can arise between individuals, businesses, or government entities and typically involve disagreements over property rights, ownership, land use, or property-related contracts.

Property litigation can be complex and may require legal representation. It often involves negotiation, mediation, or court proceedings to resolve the disputes and protect the legal rights of the parties involved. The outcome of property litigation can have significant financial and legal implications for all parties. Therefore, it is essential to seek an independent valuer and legal advice when facing property-related disputes.

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Why Choose IPV in Property Litigation?

Valuing a property for legal purposes requires more than just assessing its worth. It demands an in-depth understanding how valuation reports need to comply with the Court Rules. IPV stands as a trusted name with extensive experience in all courts and tribunals in New South Wales. Our team is recognised as valuation experts and is frequently sought after to assist in court disputes and pre court mediation and negotiations.

When it comes to property litigation, the valuation reports presented in court must be detailed, accurate, and reliable. Our team at IPV is experienced and qualified and have extensive in-house databases of property transactions. We can deliver trustworthy valuation reports tailored for legal proceedings.

Our Expertise extends to:

  • Local and District Courts
  • Federal Court
  • Supreme Court
  • Land and Environment Court
  • Commercial Tribunal
  • NSW Civil Administrative Tribunal (NCAT)
  • Administrative Decisions Tribunal
  • Administrative Appeals Tribunal
  • Comprehensive Court Compliant Valuation Reports

Expert Witnesses for Legal Cases

Property-related legal issues encompass a wide spectrum, from rent reviews to property settlements and family law matters. Due to the complexity of these cases, standard valuation reports are often not enough, necessitating the provision of court compliant reports and in some cases for the valuer to be present in court for cross examination. Our property valuers possess a profound knowledge of the property market, government legislation, and court procedures, making us the ideal choice for expert witness valuation testimonies in property litigation cases. Our team is well-versed in property mediation court cases at all levels, including expertise in commercial and administrative tribunals.

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When you select IPV for your property litigation case, you are choosing honesty, objectivity, and expertise. You will receive:

  • An obligation-free phone consultation
  • A team of accredited and qualified valuers adhering to a strict code of ethics
  • Continuous professional development and training

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