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What services does IPV offer?

At IPV we specialise in a range of services, including property valuation, property litigation, family law valuations, acquisitions, property tax assessments, rental assessments, unit entitlement valuations, super fund assessments, and commercial property valuations.

How does the property valuation process work with IPV?

Our property valuation process begins with a thorough analysis of the property, considering various factors such as location, condition, and comparable sales. Our experienced team follows industry standards and guidelines to ensure an accurate and comprehensive valuation.

Can IPV assist in legal matters such as litigation and family law cases?

Yes, we have expertise in providing valuation services for legal purposes, including litigation support and family law cases. Our team is skilled in preparing comprehensive reports that stand up to legal scrutiny.

What is involved in a property tax assessment conducted by IPV?

Our property tax assessments involve a detailed evaluation of the property’s value for taxation purposes. We consider factors such as market trends, property improvements, and relevant regulations to provide an accurate assessment for tax reporting.

How are rental assessments conducted by IPV?

Our rental assessments involve an analysis of the local rental market, property condition, and comparable rental properties. We aim to provide property owners and investors with accurate rental assessments to help them make informed decisions.

What are unit entitlement valuations, and how can IPV assist in this regard?

Unit entitlement valuations determine the proportional share of ownership in a property, typically in strata-titled buildings. Our experts assess various factors to determine fair and equitable unit entitlements, ensuring a transparent and accurate process.

Can IPV assist with super fund assessments for property investments?

Absolutely. We specialise in providing super fund assessments for property investments. Our team evaluates the property’s value and potential income, ensuring compliance with superannuation regulations.

Does IPV offer commercial property valuation services?

Yes, we provide comprehensive commercial property valuation services. Our experienced team assesses various factors relevant to commercial properties, such as income potential, location, and market trends, to deliver accurate and reliable valuations for our clients.

Do you charge for a consultation?

At IPV, we provide an obligation-free phone consultation to assess the scope of work required. Our qualified professionals oversee your valuation from start to finish. We follow a transparent pricing model based on the specific valuation needs, rather than charging by the hour.

How do I pay for my valuation report?

An invoice will be emailed to you which provides our bank account details. Alternatively we’ve designed a convenient and secure online payment process for obtaining your valuation report. Just click the “Pay Invoice” button on the top of our website.