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A wealth of property knowledge and expertise empowering informed and confident decisions.

Our values

We are committed to providing our clients with the best possible valuation services and endeavor to go above and beyond your expectations.

To ensure we provide our clients with the best possible service, our staff undertake regular training and continuing professional development with the Australian Valuers Institute and Australian Property Institute.

Our highly trained, accredited and qualified property valuers are all members of the Australian Property Institute or the Australian Valuers Institute.

Precise property valuations play a crucial role in today’s dynamic real estate market. Regardless of how large or small, expensive or cheap a property is, the only way to produce an accurate valuation is by carrying out research on current and historic market values. At IPV we provide unbiased property valuation in the Sydney metropolitan area through to the Western Suburbs, Campbelltown and the Sutherland Shire, the Blue Mountains and the Central Coast.



Our team have delivered countless accurate valuations for freehold buildings, capital gains, commercial properties, compensation properties, deceased estates, family-law properties, insurance applications, internal accounting purposes, and property current market values.

Compulsory Acquisition

We specialise in compulsory acquisition cases, and we are here to guide you through this challenging process and ensure you receive fair compensation for your property.

Commercial, Industrial Real Estate

Our team consists of accredited and experienced commercial and industrial property valuers experienced in the greater Sydney metropolitan region.

Family Law Matters

IPV is your dedicated and independent property valuation company specialising in family law valuations.

Property Litigation

Valuing a property for legal purposes requires more than just assessing its worth.

Property Tax

We specialise in providing Property Taxation and Transfer Reports and can help you navigate these complexities effectively.

Rental Assessments

We specialise in Rental Assessments for all property types, ensuring that you make informed decisions for your real estate portfolio.

Super Fund Assessments

Optimize Your Clients’ Super Fund Investments with Professional Property Valuations

Unit Entitlements

At IPV we understand the importance of equitable unit entitlements.


At IPV, we are an accredited, experienced team of property valuers in Sydney; we are your ‘go-to’ destination for all things related to property valuation.

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Adrian M

Professional, thorough and prompt service. I have no hesitation in recommending the services provided by IPV. Thanks Mark E.


We were in Supreme Court litigating against a sale of a development land. Mark turned the valuation report around to suit the Court's timetable and he appeared in Court as our expert witness to be cross examined by the opposing side. Mark was impressive in the witness box, we had 2 barristers on our side and both their comments were that they have never been so impressed by an expert witness. Mark is highly recommended to appear in Court and be your expert!

Ian D

Professional Service - Recommended
Never had to use this sort of service in the past - so it was a bit daunting seeing all the businesses offering valuation services. Our family contacted Independent Property Valuations for ... yes, you guessed it ... a property valuation. The initial phone call was great, all the details shared, walked me through the process and organised an appointment. Tony was very professional taking the time to get an understanding the of property and it's history. The report was professional quality and well researched. The bonus was that Tony has many years of valuation experience, great to talk to, and provided insight to the current state of the property market. Would not hesitate to use Independent Property Valuations services again.

Bruce Calnan

Great service. The property was valued on a really awful wet day but Mark Ellis saw through the rain and we able to give us a valuation that was 97.6% accurate. This really helped in setting the auction expectations. We are pleased that we used his services.

Anna Christensen

I'm so happy with IP Valuations. Me and my partner decided to split up an could agree on the house value as the prices change so fast in Sydney. Mark from IPV was very professional and discreet his advice made a lot of sense to us and helped us go through the whole pretty sad process smoothly. Definitely recommend for future.

Frequently asked question


What services does IPV offer?

At IPV we specialise in a range of services, including property valuation, property litigation, family law valuations, acquisitions, property tax assessments, rental assessments, unit entitlement valuations, super fund assessments, and commercial property valuations.

How does the property valuation process work with IPV?

Our property valuation process begins with a thorough analysis of the property, considering various factors such as location, condition, and comparable sales. Our experienced team follows industry standards and guidelines to ensure an accurate and comprehensive valuation.

Can IPV assist in legal matters such as litigation and family law cases?

Yes, we have expertise in providing valuation services for legal purposes, including litigation support and family law cases. Our team is skilled in preparing comprehensive reports that stand up to legal scrutiny.

What is involved in a property tax assessment conducted by IPV?

Our property tax assessments involve a detailed evaluation of the property’s value for taxation purposes. We consider factors such as market trends, property improvements, and relevant regulations to provide an accurate assessment for tax reporting.