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Buying property in Sydney

Whether it’s a premium commercial space, a luxury home, or a low cost unit, you will need an accurate property valuation. IPV are Sydney’s property valuation experts. We evaluate a property and assessing its characteristics against contemporary and historic market values for similar properties in the area. Using this information, IPV creates a report with information about the property, including:

  • The size of the land and building
  • The condition of any building structures on the property
  • Evaluation of problematic issues with the property that need to be addressed
  • A comparison of similar property sales in the area
  • Other information relevant to the market value of the property.

Our team are highly qualified and have a wealth of experience across all property types; for residential or commercial property valuations, our reports are delivered quickly and accurately.


Residential Property Valuations

IPV are expert property valuers for house valuation in Sydney. We make sure buyers, sellers, and owners are fully informed of the value potential of residential properties. We also assess the positive and negative features of properties to help you make a balanced decision.


Commercial Property Valuations

The team at IPV understands the complexity of the commercial property market. We can provide you with the information you need about commercial property, including rental income potential, market value and the condition of the property. Our commercial property valuation reports help you gain a thorough background as to the value of a property, whether buying or selling.


The Importance of Property Valuations

While real estate agents can provide you with ‘appraisals’ of a property’s value, these are just a broad analysis. A professional property valuation by IPV, on the other hand, is methodical, objective, and based on measurable facts. Without such an evidence-based valuation of a property you will be at a disadvantage whether buying or selling. Read more about what makes a good property valuer?


The IPV Service Guarantee

We are committed to providing quality value-for-money service. At IPV we guarantee:

  • An obligation-free telephone conversation
  • A qualified professional to handle your valuation from start to finish
  • Deadlines you can count on – we’ll get it done on time
  • The benefits of our extensive in-house property database


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