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What Makes a Good Property Valuer

A registered independent property valuer’s job is to correctly ascertain the market value of your property. Unlike a real estate agent, they have no vested interest in the sale of your property, so they are able to provide an un-biased and objective analysis based on the drivers of the current property market.

Also unlike a real estate agent, they are specifically trained and independently accredited, so you know that you are getting a professional opinion, backed up by expert knowledge and quality education. 

If you live in the Sydney metropolitan area and need your property valued, here are 4things to ensure that you pick a great one! 

Are They Reliable? 

Reliability is one of the keys to any professional field. Does the valuer respond to your initial enquiry in a prompt fashion, or are you kept waiting for? This will be an indicator of their future reliability. People who call when they say they will, do what they say they will do and arrive on time because they value your time, are generally reliable. 

If your valuer takes ages to return your call and is constantly keeping you waiting, it may be time to consider another one. 

Are They Accurate? 

A good property valuer will be able to give you an accurate value of your property based on the current market and other pertinent factors including: location, condition repair or maintenance needed and economic factors. 

Are They Objective and Independent? 

A good property valuer will be completely independent from any aspect of a potential sale. They should have no interest or attachment to the outcome of a sale or how much you end up receiving for your property. Their job is simply to provide an objective assessment of the value of your property based on current market factors. 

A good valuer’s manner, and work, will reflect this. At no point should they be swaying you in one direction or the other. That being said however… 

They Can Advise You if You Need It

Good property valuers have years of knowledge and experience within the property industry. While they should provide an objective estimate of the value of your property, they can also be engaged as an adviser if needed. 

They can provide support, advice and guidance in matters of pre-purchase, sale valuations, litigation, rental assessments, property management, marketing and development goals, liquidation support and receivership. 

If you find a good property valuer, take advantage of their market knowledge and experience in all things related to property management and sales.  

Independent Property Valuations are Sydney’s property valuation experts. If you have any questions about property valuation or how we can help you in any way shape or form, then please don’t hesitate to call us on 02 9659 5446 or enquire online.

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