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Valuing a property after separation.

At IP Valuations we can value your property when a separation occurs after marriage or de-facto relationship.


We understand such situations are difficult for you but you have to be mindful of your assets. These types of property valuations are a must and many of our clients need our assistance to value their property once a separation has occurred. It is a process that can be long, drawn out and also distressing.


Did you know that your property isn’t only your house but also:


  • Holiday home

  • Cars/Boats/Motorbikes

  • Household assets from vases to paintings

  • Personal items such as clothes or jewellery


Not many people know the fact that business, superannuation or shares in business or family investment held under a family trust are also property. So you need to make a list of assets and liabilities for future reference.

IP Valuations is here for you to help by valuing your home or investment property, so you at least have some idea of where you stand financially. These valuations are important for working through the separation and need to be done.

We perform these type of property valuations daily and have many years of experience, so we understand the process.


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