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Top Reasons For Getting a Property Valuer

If you are planning to sell your Sydney property for whatever reason, be it due to a family dispute, moving house, or selling an investment property, you need to have it independently valued. 

Property valuers, unlike real estate agents, are independent and objective professionals whose sole job is to fairly evaluate your property according to the current market, the property’s condition, and any other variable factors. 

If you need to have your property valued, then here are the 4 main reasons that a property valuer is the right person to do the job for you: 

They Are Independent and Objective 

Property valuers have no vested interest in the value of your property. 

Unlike real estate agents who appraise your house for free in the hope that you will use them to sell it, property valuers simply perform an assessment, factor in the different variables and fluctuations of the housing market and then present you with the estimated worth of your house, apartment or property. 

In the case of a valuation for divorce or similar family law valuations, a property valuer can act as an expert. 

If you are simply selling for profit or because you’d like to move house, then a property valuer can help make sure that you are informed and are able to budget accordingly. 

They Can Advise on Legal Matters and Act as an Expert Witness 

Accredited property valuers are qualified to provide advice on property matters and disputes. They have intimate and expert knowledge of the property market, as well as legislation and are able to offer advice on these accordingly. 

A property valuer can also act as an expert witness in a court of law should your property dispute result in litigation. 

They are able to provide a fair and balanced opinion without any personal bias and are able to back up their evidence with the relevant training market evidence, experience and knowledge.  

They Can Give Market Advice 

Due to their knowledge and experience within the property market, a professional property valuer is a great source of information and a great person to seek advice from on all of the financial aspects of buying and selling property. 

They are able to provide you with a valuation that will allow you or your accountant to advise on financial decisions, such as the impact of capital gains tax on investment property and government stamp duty. 

Independent Property Valuations have experience and knowledge and offer a range of property services. From property litigation to helping you buy and sell, we can help.  

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