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Backdated tax Property Valuations

In today’s article, we would like to answer one of the most common questions asked by our customers.

What is retrospective or in other words backdated property valuation and why is it so important for both buyers and sellers? As one of the leading residential and commercial valuations companies in Sydney, we have survived and created a niche in this hard real estate market, which is a big testimony to the quality of our services.


Now coming back to the main topic, backdated valuations are very significant in the contemporary property market. There are many reasons for retrospective property valuations such as Capital Gain Tax etc.


When a customer would like to know the total appreciation of his/her property, the figures can’t be provided unless the property valuers are able to give the right retrospective valuation. The difference between the original value and the current market value is crucial for various purposes.


Independent Property Valuations so far have been very successful in this field because of many reasons such as:

·  Unquestionable commitment of our  property valuers and their excellent customer service

·  Great reputation of our motivated team of experienced specialists that are always happy to provide extra care for all of our customers, regardless the property type

·  We are Sydney based and registered company

·  Having access to an excellent database that lets us specialise in retrospective property valuations to deliver exact figures in our statements


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