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Property Valuer as an Expert Witness

From time to time, property valuers are required to act as expert witnesses when property disputes escalate to litigation. 

With intimate industry knowledge and experience, they are considered to be experts in the field of property valuation. 

Property disputes that wind up in court are usually family law matters, but other property disputes between developers and investors or neighbours can also occur. 

Whatever the reason is, an independent property valuer can be called as an expert witness. 

Let’s find out a bit more… 

Just what is An Expert Witness? 

An expert witness is a professional who, due to their experience, skill, training or education is considered to have specialised knowledge and expertise in a particular field. They are considered to know more about their field than a layperson, enough so that they can be officially and legally be relied upon to deliver an opinion on evidence or facts relating to the matter being heard in a Court of Law. 

Why Would You Need a Property Valuer as an Expert Witness? 

A property valuer can be used an expert witness in a property dispute that winds up in mediation, or in court. Due to their knowledge, experience and training they are viewed as experts in matters of property valuation in the eyes of the Law. 

A property valuer is an objective, experienced and accredited professional that can be relied upon to give a strictly un-biased, objective and balanced opinion on matters of property value. 

Property Valuers based in Sydney are able to undertake valuation inspections and reports for the Local and District Courts, Federal Magistrates Court, Supreme Court and Land & Environment Court as well as theNSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal and associated Tribunals. 

And When Would You Need One? 

Professional property valuers are typically called as expert witnesses in cases of family property settlement disputes – for example when a couple, married or defacto, part ways and decide to sell their property. 

A property valuer may also be required as an expert witness if an investor or property developer ends up in court due to a dispute about a property. Neighbour disputes are also quite common. 

Get in Touch for More Information 

If you need an expert witness for your legal matters then please get in touch with Independent Property Valuations in Sydney or read more about IP Valuations.

For more information on how we can act as an expert witness or to have a chat with us about anything related to property valuation, please call us on 02 9659 5446 or email us online.

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