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Parting Ways? Get a Family Law Valuation

Unfortunately, not every marriage or relationship is destined to stand the test of time. People change and some relationships don’t wind up in the place where they began. When people part ways, it can be amicable. Sometimes it is not as friendly. 

Whether or not your split is on good terms or not, it can be very prudent to make sure that you are equipped with all of the information and options. This is especially the case when you own property with your ex. 

Getting a property valuation in the case of divorce is a good move for a number of reasons. If you live in Sydney and are in this unfortunate situation, you’re probably looking for as much information as you can get. Let’s take a look at some more information below. 

Exactly What is a Family Law Valuation? 

A family law valuation can be carried out whenever a separation of two parties occurs. These parties don’t have to be married; the separation of defacto arrangements can also require a family law valuation. 

The purpose of this is to settle any disputes between the two parties as to the exact value of the property. Sometimes the concerned parties may choose to nominate the same valuer to assess the property’s value joint expert, while other times each party may choose a separate property valuer. 

Property valuers are independent, objective and highly experienced in all areas of property, including family law disputes. They are accredited professionals who are impartial in these matters – they should have no connection to either party and hold no stake in any particular outcome. Therefore, they are the ideal choice when you need assistance in these situations. 

Why Do I Need One? 

Times such as these are always a challenge for everyone involved. There is lots of emotion involved, even if the separation is amicable. Family property settlement cases can also be complicated and drawn out.

Having an independent property valuer advise you during the process is beneficial because as well as being able to assess the value of your property, they are also experts in every level of valuation matters in Family Law. 

As well as this, property valuers can be called as Single or Joint Experts, and are guaranteed to be impartial in litigation. 

They are also capable of formulating a valuation report that can suit Mediation purposes, or a more in depth report that is suitable for use in the Courts. 

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The team at Independent Property Valuations Sydney have a combined experience of over 100 years in all matters of property valuation, including Family Law.

If you need Mediation or other support in a Family Law dispute, then please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 02 9659 5446. You can also enquire about our services online.

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