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Expert Witness valuations for litigation matters.

What is an Expert Witness Valuation and why would you require one?


Where a court case or litigation occurs because of a property dispute, the case will almost always rely on a professional assessment of the property value. In these cases, the experience and professionalism of the company that you use are important.


Arranging a valuation for expert witness purposes requires in depth research, as well as extensive experience by the valuer in this field to ensure the report will satisfy the court.


Why Use IP Valuations?


Important qualities for an expert witness include ethical standards, professionalism, impartiality and clear communication. These are the reasons that many clients chose IP Valuations. We also have the experience, qualifications, and licensing required for proceedings.


Appearing in court can often be a stressful process, which is why we take additional steps to make your experience easier. Our valuers are also available to consult regarding the process of legal proceedings.


Choose us and we’ll ensure:


- Our professional valuers provide many years of court experience.

- We provide a high quality of service as expert witnesses.

- You’re supported throughout your litigation process.

- Your valuation is completely independent and suitable for all court cases where property value is required.

- You enjoy a customer service that you can rely on.



Things about Expert Witness Services that you should know:


Clear communication is essential.


Detailed knowledge of court proceedings is required for an expert witness to perform their duty. You’ll need to make sure the property valuation company you chose has in-depth experience of the workings of the legal system. Testimonies need to be presented properly, carefully, and in the correct format.


With decades of combined experience, we assist both private and professional clients to obtain accurate property values.


We provide independent valuation to ensure that our reports are unbiased.



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