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Commercial Property Valuations - Rent Review and Rental Determination

We all know there is nothing better than living in a house or apartment we own. However, sometimes even if we can afford to have a property,we decide to rent out our places because of many personal reasons like work, location etc.

In such situations, it’s a good option to request an advice of professional valuers who could play an important and supportive part in the valuation process. With our rental review and rent determination, services our specialists help our clients to get an accurate idea regarding the actual rent that is fair for their properties.

Contacting IP commercial property valuations is extremely helpful for both, the owner and the person who is going to rent the property. At the end of the day, both sides would like to know that they are paying or getting a fair rent. We use a number of methods to calculate rent determination and rent review reports.

  • Our team of professionals is Sydney based and ready to take a physical look at the property before any commercial property  valuations
  • Our database is available for the various properties that are spread across Sydney
  • In cases where the required information is available, we contact the local government revenue authorities  and get the actual feel about the rent that such property can command

Apart from this, we offer all types of different commercial property valuations valuation services.

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