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3 Top Tips to Add Value to Your Commercial Property

Commercial real estate investments in Sydney create lucrative opportunities for those active in the market. It is vital to ensure you get the best valuation of your commercial property. To guarantee the best valuation for your commercial property, here are a few ways to add value to the property:


- Making structural and cosmetic changes – It’s one of the most common ways to add value, but if it’s done right, your investment will benefit. Adding square footage to your property and increasing the rentable square footage are just a couple of examples.

- Minimise expenses – The value of a property is calculated on its profitability. By reducing expenses such as electricity and utilities, a property can increase profitability without impacting leasing operations.

- Maintain leasing appeal – a vacant building can decrease the value of a property dramatically. By maintaining the property’s appeal and keeping tenant relationships harmonious, you can easily retain property value as well as tenants.


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