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Arrange a Property Valuation in Sydney

IPV’s property valuation team has rock-solid experience and thorough knowledge of house valuations as well as commercial valuations in Sydney and across NSW, and all our certified practising valuers are members of the Australian Property Institute. We can offer our clients with the best valuation recommendation and expertise on a wide range of property transactions for a variety of valuation purposes.

At IPV, our expert valuers will look over the following things when valuing a property:

  • Location of the property
  • Size of the property including all of the rooms
  • Structure and condition of the property
  • Furnishings, fixtures and fittings
  • Areas that need improvement
  • Presentation and standard of furnishing
  • How effortless it is to access the property including the garage
  • Prevailing market conditions
  • Recent sales in your area

It is not possible to modify everything on your property to aid the valuation; however, you can perform certain major things to aid maximise the outcome of the valuation. It is vital to prepare your property to get the maximum possible valuation.

Here are our top tips by which you can add value to your existing Sydney property:

Cleanliness and Tidiness: Carry out a thorough house clean up from top to bottom including all nooks. Indeed, a bit of dust may not change a house valuation altogether; however, cleaning boosts the general presentation and appearance of the home. In addition, consider a bit of decluttering to aid release a feeling of more space.

Get the Repairs and Odd Jobs Completed: It’s great to have your house looking neat and orderly when it comes to cleanliness; however, getting the repairs and odd jobs completed will aid providing a refined look to your property. Valuers will look at areas for improvement on the property, thus if you can get rid of as many of these tasks as possible before the house valuation, it will greatly assist the cause!

Home Extension or Renovation Plan: If you are looking to take a fresh loan or considering refinance options to pay for a home extension or renovation, make sure to get that plan with you. This will assist the valuer to have an idea of how the property will look like once the renovation work is accomplished.

Prepare a List of Hidden Advantages: It is imperative to ensure the valuer knows about any hidden advantages of your home. Prepare a list before the valuer makes the visit so that you don’t overlook anything. Bear in mind that your property is on display for the valuation process. If it’s a cold day, switch on the heater to keep the room warm; likewise, if it’s a hot day then switch on the air conditioner.

Organise a Property Valuation

A property valuation takes into account property’s value over a longer period along with any current trends. If you’re looking to refinance to buy a second property for investment purpose or for a renovation, or you want to perform commercial valuations for your office space, straightaway get in touch with Independent Property Valuations (IPV) Pty Ltd on (02) 9659 5446, to arrange a property valuation in Sydney and find out your property’s current value.


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